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  • Sneakerella



    A pretty poor riff on Cinderella, obviously, that sees the lead turn from ball-going elegance to sneaker-infused pursuits. Sneakerella is that bitter modernisation that corporate Disney are ploughing through with. Another setlist of pop-variety content that will placate audiences not with talent or skill but with recognisable, identifiable tropes of a genre that has coerced children into dreaming big. At least Sneakerella has some charm to it, some variance to the usual fodder that is thrown onto Disney+ in this…

  • Studio 666

    Studio 666


    As if Dave Grohl’s musical output weren’t scary enough. There is no fighting of the Foo with Studio 666, instead, there is an active war between musicians and meandering plot detail. A noble assault between the two, naturally, brings about a horror feature that wishes to use the rise of meta charm that pits real-world caricatures of famous bits and pieces against entities beyond that of the real world. Grohl and company are taken for a ride by director B.…

Popular reviews

  • Another Round

    Another Round


    Drinking has attached itself to so many important moments in societies across the world. Whether that’s a detriment or a dream come true is up to the individual. A social welder, a coping mechanism, a celebratory beverage, or a steriliser, maybe all of the above at once. Another Round, the latest film from Dutch director Thomas Vinterberg, follows four high-school teachers who open a study into how a low level of intoxication will affect their day to day business.


  • WandaVision


    Consumerism is getting out of hand, and no more obvious is such an issue than with the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Slogging through over a decade worth of content, you would be under the false impression that innovation is a possibility. They have the money to take risks, but why switch the conveyer belt off when the shelves are filled with acceptable pieces that the majority faintly enjoy? No need at all, and it is rather horrifying to see this cult-like…