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  • Trouble Every Day
  • No Home Movie
  • Where Is the Friend's House?
  • Miami Vice

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  • Sound of Metal

  • Minding the Gap

  • Of an Age

  • You Won't Be Alone

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  • Linda Linda Linda

    Linda Linda Linda


  • Side Effects

    Side Effects

    Ugh I love Soderbergh. This is very fun, i’d recommend this for when you want to have a good time but still need to impress someone? I guess Soderbergh as a director is that. Fun and credible. God the more I think about it the more apparent it is that he is the perfect filmmaker.

    At the beginning Electra pointed out the softened lighting, everything’s blown out and white and blurred at the edges, and the rest of the movie…

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  • Miami Vice

    Miami Vice


    This film about getting in and out of cars is a masterpiece

  • Dune


    I gotta say I liked this.

    I don’t feel qualified to comment on anything political because I haven’t read the books or even seen the earlier movie version and I’m not sure how this version reinterprets or reframes any of the colonialism or white saviours etc content. Crazy to adapt THIS story in THIS climate but maybe they’re running out of stories? 

    Speaking of, it’s the most storiest story ever! I almost couldn’t believe it…. I think they literally refer…