Spider-Man: Far from Home

Spider-Man: Far from Home

didn't hate this like i did with homecoming but it's probably because there's less tony stark. despite everyone being so hung up on his death througout the movie, it was tolerable.

mysterio was cool and jake gyllenhaal convinced me well even though i already knew because i read some of the comics :D but mysterio himself didn't convince me. his motivations were superficial (apart from the tony stark hate which, i must say, is right. “even dead, i'm the hero” my fucking ass!!!!!), just the usual superhero villain formula all over again. but, generally speaking, he's NOT the bad guy. a working class and the union he's part of were mistreated by a billionaire? they're not the bad guy. of course, they had to make him want to murder a bunch of people for show and control the world to justify their villainization — which makes them hollow as characters but amazing as pro-neoliberal capitalism propaganda!

i still don't like marvel studio's spider-man and the fact that this film acknowledged the tip of the iceberg of what's called “MCU Spider-man's Lack Of Growth” and did nothing about it just makes me lose more hope for the third movie that i didn't know i had.

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