If Beale Street Could Talk ★★★

When I left the theatre I felt a little lost, because there was a lot to like, love even, but also stuff that bothered me. I really liked the performance of the whole ensemble and the way the movie was shot. Plenty of close-ups, often in slow motion, undermined with a beautiful, Oscar-worthy score and supported by a warm color palette and quiet and tender sound design, mostly succeed in creating a very special feeling of intimacy between the two leads. The non-linear storyline (one of the weaker decisions in the process of making this movie as it often destroyed the flow and momentum of the plot), the cinematography and the music made the movie feel kind of dreamlike to me. The insane beauty and perfection of the two leads definitely adds to that. They both seemed like perfect human beings without flaws, physically and personally. It somehow made the movie a bit less accessible and almost untouchable at certain points. But hey, here I am eight hours after having seen the movie and this stuff is bothering me less and less. I definitely loved more than I disliked and the score will accompany me for weeks to come. For now, I’m slapping a strong 7/10 on this one, but I can see myself raising that to an 8 after a rewatch.

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