Captain Marvel ★★★★

(no spoilers)

Nothing too deep, but it does feel surprisingly fresh even though it treads a lot of the same thematic material as Homecoming and Ragnarok. A lot of that comes from the framing of the story and it being a genuine movie about discovery etc. 

I really only can specifically critique that a few story threads could've had stronger beginnings in the first act and the flow of the first act could've worked a bit more laid back and tone fitting. That said, the film never really dragged despite feeling less spectacle-driven than other recent MCU movies: in direct contact to being about a warrior lady from outer space, it feels pretty grounded. Except where it doesn't want to be; the movie switches from grounded character study/plot/etc to action and spectacle very well. 
I didn't really dig Pinar Toprak's score, but that seems to be a common thing for me lately.. I'll have to listen to it later and see if that still stands. As for other music choices.. good, I guess? 

It never really indulged in politics too much either, which I was somewhat surprised by; Wonder Woman felt more political imo, so take that how you will. Of course there's a few moments where it plays a bit too much to that crowd and waits for the audience to applaud the genius political commentary, but those are mostly in the first half so they're quickly overshadowed. 

On a more critical note, but from the perspective of a pessimist and nitpicker; I took issue w a few of the shot changes where it only changed an angle slightly etc, some CG stuff (wasn't quite Black Panther-level), and uhhhhhh yeah that's it? I still can't bring myself to like Brie Larson, though... she just comes off too.. arrogant? Somehow when in her roles it feels like I get the same attitude I infer from her social media, interviews, etc. She's no doubt a talented actress--she was great in Room--but I don't see why so many people (sorry) stan her and her every performance.

Also the cat is pretty good.

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