Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Star Wars: The Last Jedi


Yeah this kinda blows? some editing choices work but (most) others ruin brilliant screenwriting & directing, make the pacing feel weirdly disjointed, and outright cannibalize the heart of the film... akbar takes the place of holdo for the lightspeed ram and turns her character into nothing but a one-note military antagonist while making Akbar into a one-note background military hero. Added throwaway lines of exposition add some eye-rollingly painful context to certain sections for those who need everything laid out for them, from why Holdo doesn't tell Poe her plan to why the bombers work in space. 

Significant sections of Finn and Rose's time on Canto Bight are removed, destroying any thematic importance the setting once had — effectively making the scene actually pointless in comparison to its original form.

They change Luke in the film here, too — in ways that are pretty... inconsequential? Written only to ease the tensions of TFM so Luke isn't the insecure, reclusive failure we in the original film but rather a battered hero who doesn't know what to do next — someone who experiences no emotional growth or development as a character. 

All that said, this is worth a watch if only to see what Geeks & Gamers deemed worthy of a 9.4/10

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