Singin' in the Rain

Singin' in the Rain ★★★★

A very public relationship of two flourishing actors in Hollywood; traversing the tricky landscape of the silent movie era ending and true love. 

To say this film is iconic is an understatement. The choreography is something to behold whilst seeing a stellar cast at the height of their powers. Plaudits will remember Gene Kelly but really the true star is Donald O’Connor with his breathless, fluid performance. Also the sets are incredible along with fantastic costume design. As with most musicals, this is carefully gift wrapped as a perfect bundle of joy for the audience. But under all of this is a narrative that was actually a big deal for many silent actors who failed to traverse into the new world of sound. Through all the smiles and showmanship, there is a sad and somber story not explored here. Two years previous to this Billy Wilder released Sunset Boulevard, and with it a more real representation of this tough era. In the end you are left with a perfect musical representing a imperfect and difficult time. But you soon forget the conflict bubbling underneath when you are singin’ in the rain!

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