Interstellar ★★★★★

Watching this movie is leaving our mind in our planet and transport our body in an other planet where 1 hour is 7 years in Earth.
We're not growing old, but we're getting older in our head, and we can only notice it when our mind and body reconnect together. So, at the end of the film. 2 hours 49 minutes then 21 one years.
My head is now 38 years old in a body of a young men of 17 because of all this thematics that are tract with perfections :
Family, Love, Loneliness, Lie, Truth, Humanity, Earth, all of this in a perfect science-fiction, a real trip in space and however the number of time you watch it, it gives you always the same stress, always the same feeling that in the first time. This all movie is probably love ?
This is what we can call a masterpiece.
Ty Nolan.

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