Saw II

Saw II ★★★★★

Hello again, Michael! Hello again, Amanda! Hello again, Venus Flytrap!

Aggressive angles, rapid-fire cuts, Charlie's dissonant, razor-sharp sound-mix — so amazing, timeless, tectonic. Still gives me quivers!

Later sequels may have remixed the same ingredients, but there’s a brilliant balance, a gloomy mix of audiovisual maelstroms and grand existential themes that make this feel deeper and more relevant: Death, cancer, despair, and of course, a mystified pro-life formula for this world surging up from dark origins — "The cure for death itself is... immortality!"

Obviously, SAW II marks the very beginning of Jigsaw’s "Live or die, make your choice!" mythology which expands on the future movies. Where it all ends up... well, that's something else. Alas, the franchise has lost all the magic during the sell-out process! Still, what this sequel achieved is quite remarkable and yet underappreciated. In the annals of great Torture Porn, SAW II is a sacred classic.

Leagues above the first. Leagues above the rest.
Watch it to death!

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