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  • Vortex



    To all those whose brains will decompose before their hearts.

    Noé, the provocateur and berserker of European cinema, is often reduced to the depiction of violence, drugs, and sex. His depictions reflect the horror of the human experience; swathed with stylistic decisions that no one makes besides him. Dutch angles and swooping camera movements that elevate the horror to a level that feels too real from time to time, get elevated even more by an incredible sound design. The amount…

  • Whiplash



    Whiplash is the movie that changed my perception of cinema. I've been into movies for my whole life but considering this came out when I was 14, I haven't thought of them in a critical way yet.
    Not only have my parents introduced me to movies at a young age but also art in general. My parents were in the local orchestra and both my brother and me also started playing instruments at a young age.
    The first time I…

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  • Avatar: The Way of Water

    Avatar: The Way of Water


    I was always under the impression that James Cameron is the master of sequels. Terminator 2 and Aliens have both been phenomenal examples of how a movie needs to be changed up, to be interesting in a second iteration. Avatar 2 is not one of those examples and makes me worried for the upcoming movies of this behemoth of a franchise.
    In the context of this movie, I'd like to say something about brand association and the psychological effect of…

  • Irreversible


    ”The second law of thermodynamics says that over the time things decay, namely, the order in a closed system reduces, i.e., the entropy increases. Entropy is also called the arrow of time. All the natural or spontaneous processes are irreversible. Given that this is the medium of film that is not a natural process, it is reversible, but in the process the narration is destroyed.” - Hrvoje Hirsl on the reversibility of Irreversible

    After I Stand Alone, Noé wanted to…

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  • Triangle of Sadness

    Triangle of Sadness


    "Kurt Cobain knew that he was just another piece of spectacle, that nothing runs better on MTV than a protest against MTV; knew that his every move was a cliché scripted in advance, knew that even realizing it is a cliché. [...] Here even success meant failure, since to succeed would only mean that you were the new meat on which the system could feed." - Capitalist Realism - Mark Fisher

    As soon as you criticize capitalism through art, you…

  • Nope



    Based on what we have seen from Peele so far, I thought Nope was going to use the topic of extraterrestrial life, for some grand twist that points out a huge social issue. While Peele definitely critics sensationalism and points out the negligence of people that could be pop cultural icons but are ignored or forgotten because of discrimination, Nope doesn't rely on a huge twist and explanation, like Us did. I'm really glad that Peele doesn't fall into the…