Lamb ★★★½

A24 prove themselves once again with this slow burning, odd horror thriller. Also they once again made a trailer that suggests a completely different movie. The trailer suggests a fast paced movie with it's quick cuts but I guess that's what they have to do to lure more people into the theatre.

The Icelandic landscapes are beautifully captured and underlaid with a really nice violin score.

There isn't much dialogue taking place but the movie gets carried by the oddness of the situation. The performances are good nonetheless and we were really impressed by the animal performances. How do you teach lambs to stay side by side in a doorframe? 

Not sure if all of those shots were with real animals but it looked impressive. The VFX were really good except for one scene with Ada in the beginning.

Lot's of room for interpretation through subtle symbolism and not many explanations. The general mood of the movie is really creepy especially in the beginning.

Also was the flower crown a reference to Midsommar? A24 cinematic universe confirmed

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