Burning ★★★★½

This is one of the movies that makes me feel unsure on how to feel and even on how to express my feelings about them. Let me start like this...

This movie is f*cking beautiful. I mean the lighting is perfect in every single shot and the cinematography overall is also really gorgeous. There are scenes that even made me feel a bit nostalgic, in particular the scene in which the three main characters just sit in front of a house and stare at the sunset. Just a simple thing that many of us haven't experienced in a long time because of the pandemic.

„Burning“ reminds me a bit of "Parasite", just because it seems to be “perfect” in the way it was shot, which makes me wonder why "Parasite" got so much more attention from the Academy and all the cinephiles out there.
But lets get back to "Burning". The cinematography gets supported by the great soundtrack and by even greater performances from the three main characters. Steven Yeun shows his best performance so far (at least as far as I can judge that) and I also appreciate what the other two actors have done here.

My only complaint about this movie is that it left me a bit unsatisfied. And its not the first film of its kind that made me fell this way. Im always sitting there in great anticipation, ready for the big reveal or Plot Twist, but the ending lefts you with a lot to be unexplained.
But the more I think about it and the more reviews with different answers and interpretations I read, the more I feel like there is no need for just one final explanation. Im curious on how I’ll feel about this movie in a few days.

Well, that's by far my longest review so far and I guess that says a lot about the movie.

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