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  • The Burning Moon

    The Burning Moon


    used this as a litmus test for my upstairs neighbors weed butter than he shared with us. verdict: the weed butter worked well and the hell scene had me thinking i was actually going to die and be in hell!

  • Frownland



    when his gf comes over and he hastily hides this left-out food, he gathers his plate of microwave popcorn and puts it in the fridge

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  • Hands on a Hardbody: The Documentary

    Hands on a Hardbody: The Documentary


    Love the couple who have about six teeth between the two of them

  • Hitch



    Hitch is actually bisexual, however his attraction to men is heavily closeted, causing him to invest considerable time and resources into fulfilling his fetish of being directly responsible for women having the sex he wishes he could have with these guys. It makes sense when you think about it -- him practicing the kisses with these guys, him dancing with the guys, and of course the Greco-Roman style of homoerotic wrestling that pops up a couple times. Interesting queer narrative that is a testament to the distorting power of the closet and the complicated narratives bi men face.