Spider-Man: Far From Home

Spider-Man: Far From Home ★★★

I remember watching this for the first time thinking that it was not as good as homecoming. I think I’m retrospect, I like this one more. But I also think it’s because this film actually seems to have significance for the next. 

This film makes certain choices that make the last film feel irrelevant (especially with aunt may, she isn’t even a character, she’s an extended cameo), as well as ruining that low stakes feel that was an advantage the last film had. But still, as a sequel, we suddenly see Peter in a very different situation than the first film, desperate to stick to low level crime. It’s unfortunate we don’t get to see any low level crime here. 

Positives: Post credit scene is goated no matter what NWH does with it. Mysterio is a good character and the illusion scene is quite fun. Tom is really good here. I do like the premise of it being a class vacation, it’s something different. This film feels very meta at times and the discussion of what people will believe nowadays is surprisingly poignant to me in both the superhero world and the real world (fuck anti vax movements)

Negatives: I don’t exactly like the overall tone of the film, it’s too light hearted at certain points. Mysterio is barely mysterio, he just becomes jake and the drone squad in the third act. That would be fine but we needed more illusions imo. Not enough swinging but that’s ok I guess. MJ and Peter are kinda out of nowhere and I don’t feel like they would actually like each other, Peter feels too weirded out by her. It’s like he wants to like her but only likes the idea of her. Chemistry is ok I guess, Andrew and Emma spoiled us in TASM 1/2. Action scenes range from great to completely boring. Peters friends and family are sidelined so that pre established MCU characters can be the supporting cast instead, it’s really weird, stop doing that marvel. Maybe my humour evolved but jokes weren’t banging like that icl. 

For the post credit scene, it just gets a 7, better than Homecoming in my eyes. 

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