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  • Taxi Driver
  • Naked
  • Oldboy
  • Three Colors: Blue

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  • Three Colors: Blue

    Three Colors: Blue


    Now I have only one thing left to do : Nothing. I don't want any belongings, any memories. No friends, no love. Those are all traps.

    A beautiful and tragic story about the grief and the upcoming effects on Julie's life.
    She tries to leave the past behind by selling the house, destroying the music sheets,... but the blue chandelier is the symbol of memories she can't forget no matter how hard she tries.
    I loved the the gorgeous cinematography and the powerful music by Zibgniew Preisner.

  • The Weeping Meadow

    The Weeping Meadow


    A poetic and glorious movie.
    You'll be mesmerized by the great composition and music.
    The main character's (Eleni) perplexed life and the tragic loss of everyone related to her represents the problems that Greece faced throughout the 19th century.

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