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Professional film critic, amateur semiotician, chronicler of Filipino Cinema.

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  • The Sword

    The Sword


    Awesome. A really great deconstruction of wuxia that still manages to be a great wuxia film on its own terms. The story feels a little convoluted, with too many steps taken to get to where it wants to go. But it takes every element of the genre deadly seriously, building an air of tragedy as it contemplates the consequences of a life dedicated to becoming the most powerful.

    To our hero, it's just the thing you do if you're a…

  • Mutant Girls Squad

    Mutant Girls Squad


    Holds up pretty well from last I saw it, with a caveat. Like all films of this kind, it really should be watched in the presence of other people, preferably with alcoholic beverages in hand. Watching it alone this time, it felt a little tedious about halfway through, when there is little left to discover, and the movie starts trying to tell its larger story. Nothing really tops the revelation of a chainsaw coming out of the butt of a…

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  • Parasite



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Update: Now in video form

    There is a house on a hill, and there are people in it. And they're nice, but not really. There is a garden, and there they get a lot of sunlight. And it is nice, and they get to sleep there sometimes.

    There is a house underground, and there are people in it. And they're the first to tell you that they're not very nice: they're con-men, grifters, forgers and imposters. They sit among stink…

  • Burrow



    Yeah, this is really cute. But also: it latches on to something profoundly human. This is a little cartoon about feeling inadequate, about the anxiety one feels when first striking out on one's own. And it's about how it's usually okay to ask for help. It can be difficult to ask for help sometimes, because that means showing people that you don't know how to do something. But hey, that's okay: we're all just fumbling around in one way or another.

    Just lovely all around.