Weathering with You ★★★★

There are touches of unexpected social realism in this fizzy magical romance involving a girl who can make the rain go away. Before we get to any of that, we stick with a teenage runaway in Tokyo trying to find any kind of job. When we meet the girl, she's working at a McDonald's. When we meet her again, she's considering becoming a hostess. There's another character, a bit older, but still young, who goes through a parade of job interviews, and ends up with nothing. In this movie, getting a steady income might be the real magic.

The film ascribes magical reasoning behind it, but the youth here inherit a world where the weather is messed up, where the climate has changed. The characters are pretty standard anime archetypes, but it lets the neuroses of real life slip through the shiny packaging. Shinkai's movies have always conflated the heightened emotions of young love with world-ending disasters, but this one feels like a clearer lament for a generation that will have to fix a world they had little hand in breaking.

But young love remains the most important thing in Shinkai's conception of existence. It is pure and courageous and perhaps foolish in retrospect. But it is the only thing that remains in a world that might be falling apart. The movie goes to some strange places, but through it all, it keeps it faith in the transformative power of a first romance, on meeting that person that might make the apocalypse just a little more bearable.