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  • Ordinary People

    Ordinary People


    I didn't know much about this before watching it, aside from it being a Best Picture winner - a conflicting honor for me, since it seemed like the kind of Oscar bait type film that doesn't work for me.

    But it did work for me! It's a well-constructed portrait of grief and how it tears this family apart, with a younger son who blames himself for his older brother's death, a mother who's lost what love she had along with…

  • Nightfall



    Very solid second-string noir about a guy caught in between bank robbers and the police (sort of), filled with great neon Hollywood locations contrasted with the snows of Wyoming.

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  • The Black Imp

    The Black Imp


    Word to the wise, do NOT stay in an inn in a Melies film. Just don't do it. They're haunted 100% of the time. Even though these are pretty much all repeats of his earlier films, I still find them pretty funny and tend to give them a pass. This one gets an extra half star for the gag with the duplicating chairs, which I haven't seen before and was paced really effectively.

  • Star Wars

    Star Wars


    Brought Karina to see this; she’s seen it many times at home and is a big Star Wars fan, so this was a treat for both of us (I hadn’t seen it on a big screen before either). She was a champ, waiting in the standby line for two hours, and staying awake for the whole movie, which started after her normal bedtime. She thought the discussion with Ben Burtt, Dennis Muren, and Richard Edlund (sound and visual effects for…