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This review may contain spoilers.

Pretty damn good for a sixth entry in a series and, while I enjoyed it for the most part, I feel like focusing on some things I didn't love about it.

Scream 6 features some of the weakest meta commentary of the series. The rules of a continuing franchise entry? Kinda stretching it there. And all they really come up with are that everybody's a suspect and anyone could be a potential victim. Nothing we haven't heard before.

Yet, for all its talk of returning characters being at risk, they ALL survive. Scream 6 is very interested in being a requel to Scream 2 with its college outside of Woodsboro setting and how it redoes both killers' motives in its own way, so couldn't we get a returning cast member kill like Randy?

Possibly an unpopular opinion but Gale can go now. She did not need to make it through this one or even come back for it at all. Without Dewey or Sidney for her to play off of, she feels forced in just for the sake of having her there. Sidney's absence isn't really felt; it was a good time to move on from her, and Gale should have followed. I'm ready for the series to just move forward with the "core four".

Of those four, Melissa Barrera is still the weak link despite being a little better this time. It's especially noticeable anytime she shares a scene with Jenna Ortega who should be the new Sidney-type lead instead of Barrera. The filmmakers seem to recognize that though because they're more co-leads now than in the last one.

The killer reveal is (at least partially) one of the most obvious and easy to figure out in the entire series. When two characters repeatedly refer to a dead relative that we don't know or care about, you have to wonder why. And this being the reboot's version of Scream 2, a parent of the previous killer feels like the obvious way to go. So I had Mulroney and his daughter pegged early on and it's the first of these movies I felt confident in having the killers figured. Of course, being Scream there was still a surprise in the reveal. Can the killer reveal be both obvious and a surprise? Apparently, it can.

One final gripe - I was excited for this to be set near Halloween. Why did it take this series so long to go there when the killers literally wear Halloween costumes? Sadly, the Halloween setting was underutilized and just felt like an excuse to have other costumed people in the city for Ghostface to not be as noticable maneuvering around.

My rating will probably seem high considering all these negative comments but I did like the movie. I think it's only a slight step down from the last one which I liked a lot. I thought the opening kills were great, the subway scene is fun and I'm on board with Chad being the new Dewey who gets fucked up every time but still survives. I'm just picking it apart as we tend to do with new entries in series we love and this is a series I love. It's impressive that the franchise has gone this long with only one bad sequel (3, obviously).

I lied, one more complaint - fuck 3D. Completely unnecessary for this movie to be in 3D and I was basically forced to see it that way in order to go at the time I wanted to. I really hope this isn't the start of another post-Avatar 3D wave.

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