Scream ★★★★½

Brilliant, simply said. Although in many areas, from the lingo to the clothing to the scenery this movie is painfully 90s, it is revolutionary and defining for its genre, the slasher movie. Scream rewrites classic horror tropes, subverts expectations at every single turn and is legitimately unsettling with one of the most iconic movie villians to boat with fulfilling scares.

The opening scene is a masterful example of how to start a movie off with a bang and audiences leaning back 360 degrees into their seats, screaming from the get-go. The music is creepy and uncanny, adding to the spooky atmosphere. In this scene and the entire movie, I couldn't time and predict almost one scare; that's impressive.

For the most part, the movie does a good job of not making it obvious who the killer is, although there are blatant clues dropped here and there.

I will admit, the movie is self-aware and has lots of brains in regards to how it fits in the cannon of horror as a genre, but it can be too cheeky and full of itself at times.

The acting isn't great, but it doesn't need to be. This movie kicks ass.

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