Dunkirk ★★★★

Nice to see Nolan find a way to once again indulge in nonlinear shenanigans (while also making his nonlinear film easier to follow than a lot of linear films), nice to see a Nolan film that is (blessedly) light on the dialogue, nice to see Nolan realize that filling this film with archetypes rather than characters puts the focus on the action (where it belongs), nice to see a war film that balances its tributes to valor with a healthy dose of skepticism, and especially nice to see a WWII film that pointedly eschews any reference to Nazis (especially in mid-2017).

On the other hand, it wasn't so nice to have the bass in my theater turned up to 11; I think some theater hero went out after the opening sequences to hip the management to the situation, but I spent those first few minutes covering my ears & wincing like I was listening to My Bloody Valentine soundcheck from right in front of the speakers. (& not that the excellent opening sequence needed any help -- gimme that harrowing #OnePerfectShot GIF of the troops running away from the bullets -- but those opening gunshots sounding like anti-aircraft reports certainly put me in the right frame of mind.)

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