Lamb ★★★★

This is a very haunting film. It's not horror for sure but there's just something creepy and eerie about it throughout. I definitely wouldn't recommend this to someone who doesn't live film already because I spent a lot of time just enjoying the visuals and the bizarre concept. This film is technically very masterful with strokes of genius in terms of cinematography and sound design. The color palette makes you feel absolutely desolate and miserable. Don't watch this film when you're sad cause it'll make you way sadder. The writing is good especially in the second act where the film shines the most according to me. The ending is also something that left me in shock. In the end, Lamb has nothing to say in my opinion, it's surely something that will make you think but not about anything in particular. It's hard to describe but I don't think I've ever left a film feeling like the way I did after this but it's not a great feeling either so I genuinely don't know whether to recommend this.

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