Lamb ★★

Ultimately, overly reliant on subtext with not enough immediate material. The lamb stuff is fun, sure, but once the shock wears off (and, I must admit, the buildup is pretty good)'s a difficult thing. You really are hunting for mood and storytelling with facial expressions and posture for a solid 45 minutes. Iceland is pretty but this is the grey farm movie for grey farm afficiannados. Numerous scenes where you're just hunting for something, anything to build on.

The "proper" dramatic stuff that follows doesn't feel particularly interesting, either - how much material is really here? 30 or 45 minutes? Damn sure not 107 minutes, which contributes to my apathy towards what should be a delightfully zesty conclusion - I was prepared to defend the film more until the emotional climax, but when it all wraps up and you realize you still don't care, what's left to defend?

More of those dream sequences, maybe. The banality of scene to scene activities just gives me NOTHING after a while. More shots of the sheep be genuinely great too; I don't know if there was tons of footage, or cgi, or great training, but my god those sheep looked dramatic. The biggest mood contribution of the movie are just shots of sheep! It's really good! The striking ambiguous looks! Noomi Rapace caring for her lamb is not a deep well, nor is the drama with the third wheel, but those sheep? Premium.

Shorten it, cut the guff, more lamb business.

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