Frances Ha

Frances Ha ★★★★★

I cannot put into words everything this film makes me feel. It’s this beautiful and strange and just all around incredible experience that I can genuinely say I’ve never felt before. It’s this perfectly encapsulation of that place in life when you’re still trying to just MAKE IT in life, you’re not quite a teenager anymore but you’re also not in a full on career yet, you’re just sorta.... existing. 

The film is filled with sharp edges and imperfections but yet, that’s why I love it? These little strange moments and cuts are genuinely what MAKE this whole film what it is! The film is exactly like Frances herself, not perfect yet still incredibly loveable. It’s just a beautiful, off beat film about a beautiful, off beat character who is just trying to figure herself and her life out and honestly, it is my favorite film now. 

I have taken a long time to come to this conclusion, I didn’t want to just rush to a conclusion of: “YES, THIS IS NOW MY FAVORITE MOVIE,” but rather I really wanted to think about why do I love this movie? That was the problem with Ex Machina, I could never quite put my finger on what I loved about it but Frances Ha just feels clear as day to me. I love Frances Ha because it reflects my current state of life. Frances struggles with her identity but she also struggles with very real problems like: her career, her financial situation, fitting in with people, her friends and plenty more. These are just things I can’t help but relate to, it’s this perfect representation of being stuck in the strangest place in your life.

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