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  • Don't Deliver Us from Evil

    Don't Deliver Us from Evil


    What a wicked satanic trip. French films from this period are weird and I love it!

    Great music too.

  • Malevolent


    So boring it hurts

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  • The Platform

    The Platform


    The concept was great, but the execution was so bad and disappointing.
    Incredibly boring at some parts.

    I get it, it's a metaphor, but they needed to work it in the movie so they can send the message through.

    "This film was so great because the platform is like current society where rich people bad poor people good, and bla bla bla, five stars *****" <- listen guys: a concept, idea or intension isn't enough for the movie to be…

  • The Grudge

    The Grudge


    Let me start with the positives:


    And now, for the negatives:

    - How can you make a film with 3 storylines, and yet, tell no story at all? No plot.

    - Predictable, lousy, noisy jumpscares.

    - Pretty much everything.

    I don't even want to waste time with this garbage.

    This was just a quick cash grab that utilises a well known franchise.

    Serously, the people responsible for this movie to happen should be fired.

    Fuck this film.