• The Platform

    The Platform


    The concept was great, but the execution was so bad and disappointing.
    Incredibly boring at some parts.

    I get it, it's a metaphor, but they needed to work it in the movie so they can send the message through.

    "This film was so great because the platform is like current society where rich people bad poor people good, and bla bla bla, five stars *****" <- listen guys: a concept, idea or intension isn't enough for the movie to be…

  • The Invisible Man

    The Invisible Man


    This could have been a lot better if it didn't had so many plotholes.

  • Swallow



    Interesting concept that falls too short.
    I mean, it's a ok movie but didn't met my personal expectations.
    Watch it if you have some interest in eating disorders dramas.

  • Little Evil

    Little Evil


    Without being hysterical, this is a light-hearted comedy with some funny moments.

    It's a satire about the "child of satan" movies with this creepy kids.

    I liked it, was watchable and had a cool concept.

    Yeh, that's all folks, watch it.

  • Buster's Mal Heart

    Buster's Mal Heart


    In the cesspool that Netflix is, sometimes you find the hidden gems really deep in the mud.
    This movie is fucking mesmerizing. The story was so engaging I couldn't take my eyes off the screen.
    The ambiance, the soundtrack, the performances and the pace were on point.
    Malek proves once more that he is one of the best actors today. Great performance.
    I think the end is open for interpretation, and that's for the best. I love when a good movie opens debate.
    Oh, good to see DJ Qualls around.

  • The Grudge

    The Grudge


    Let me start with the positives:


    And now, for the negatives:

    - How can you make a film with 3 storylines, and yet, tell no story at all? No plot.

    - Predictable, lousy, noisy jumpscares.

    - Pretty much everything.

    I don't even want to waste time with this garbage.

    This was just a quick cash grab that utilises a well known franchise.

    Serously, the people responsible for this movie to happen should be fired.

    Fuck this film.

  • Hell House LLC

    Hell House LLC


    A movie about tragedy that occurred in a Halloween Haunted House, that happens to be in a real haunted hotel.

    This is a mix of interviews and found footage of the crew assembling the haunted house oblivious of the fact that the place is really haunted.

    Endure the slow start because it has really scary moments and full of tension. The plot is not the worse, but it could be explored a bit more, because you just end up with…

  • Lost Girls

    Lost Girls


    Based on a true story, and a very interesting one, this movie fails miserably to tell it. I don't know how this story could be boring, but this movie did it. Partially because the editing is a mess and all over the place.
    I bet that there's a documentary about this murders 1000 times better, just watch that instead. This movie has no point whatsoever.
    Well, the music and soundtrack was enjoyable, I guess.

  • The Blackwell Ghost

    The Blackwell Ghost


    Another found footage horror :D
    This one is about a guy and his wife that go into a haunted house to make a documentary that ghosts are (or not) real. It's pretty straight forward.
    It's very paranormal activityesque, but in a good way because it does not exploit too much the scenes around the house where nothing or slightly nothing happens. It creates tension just the right way.
    Watch it if you want to be spooked. I fucking love horror movies.

  • Escape From Pretoria

    Escape From Pretoria


    Based in a true story, this prison escape movie has it's exciting moments and in some situations make you sit on the edge of you seat.
    Although, I expected more from this, maybe more character development.
    It's a good movie, nothing expecial.

  • Fool's Gold

    Fool's Gold


    This is a fun movie about a treasure hunt.
    It's silly, quirky and it doesn't take himself too serious. So enjoy it for what it is, a mix of comedy, action and romance.

  • Knives Out

    Knives Out


    What a nice surprise! We live in a time where we don't get good murder mysteries movies anymore, but this is the exception.

    The plot is up to par with the classic murder mysteries authors from decades ago.

    The end and the twist doesn't disappoint (in my opinion) and is made in a very clever way.

    Daniel Craig was great in this one.