• Midway



    I really enjoyed this film. I think it's a great WWII film in a time good WWII don't come out very often.
    Great visual effects and action packed scenes with a lot of dogfight in the air.
    It's like Top Gun in WWII, what's not to love?

  • Leave No Trace

    Leave No Trace


    A movie about a father and his daughter that are living in the woods, far from society.

    As the story unfolds, you start to understand why the father choses this life for him, dragging his daughter in the process.

    In fact, this is a drama about PTSD and the devastating effects on human lifes.

    Very well acted by the two leads, this film is way more than it seems at the begining.

  • The Tunnel

    The Tunnel

    Found footage horror that doesn't do anything new to the sub genre. Nothing more than screams, black screen, and some flickery camera work.
    Turned the brightness all the way up in my screen and still didn't see nothing.
    Can't recommend this one unfortunately.

  • The Addams Family

    The Addams Family


    It doesn't have the Addams Family charm from the old movies, but overall it's a ok kids film with a message.
    Not a fan of the characters slim design.

  • The Trials of Gabriel Fernandez

    The Trials of Gabriel Fernandez


    This 6 episodes mini series tells the story of Gabriel Fernandez, a 8 years old boy that was brutally tortured and murdered by his mother and stepfather.

    This is a hard watch because the description of the horrific acts comited to that kid were so brutal that will make you sick. One can't even imagine the pain that Gabriel went through in his last months, yes MONTHS, before he died.

    This documentary also exposes a flawed system in LA to…

  • Terrified



    This movie urgently needs a new and better poster. If you see this poster anywhere you can only imagine that this flick is going to suck.

    But that's not the case. This is a great Argentine horror movie full of creepy stuff, intersting story and a compeling end.

    What I like the most about this film is that it don't depend on jump scares and loud noises. Movies like this are becoming more rare.

    Give it a watch if you like good horror movies and ignore the lousy poster.

  • The Maus

    The Maus


    This gotta be the worst film i've seen this year and one of the worst of all time.
    Nothing in this movie makes sense and there is no effort to explain anything.
    There are scenes that are completly ignored later on and just makes you wonder if you fell asleep at some point and missed something.

    What the fuck was that "twist"? I mean... WHAT?

    Avoid this film and save your precious time for something else.

  • Friday the 13th

    Friday the 13th


    Ok, I got what I expected from this: a few cool death scenes. It has funny moments too.
    I actually enjoyed this remake for what it is.

    I didn't like the ending for many reasons, but I won't spoil it for you.

    Watch it.

  • Like.Share.Follow.



    Having online and IRL stalkers is a common problem for social influencers and people with big followings on Youtube, Twitch, Instagram,etc.

    So, this movie has a real threath and a villain that can very well be real.

    Although, as a film, this film is not really assertive with the interactions with the streamer/youtuber and his audience.

    The dialogue is horrible and full of cheesy lines.

    Give it a watch, don't expect too much.

  • Totem



    Despite many flaws, I ended up really enjoying this flick.

    It start's with the generic horror tropes (jump scares, loud noises), but slowly develops into something else. Just endure this part for one hell of a ride in the finnal act.

    Midway through the movie I've thought that I already figured out the twist... but man... was I out twisted!

    Some negative aspects are that it looks like a made for TV movie and some of the actors weren't that good (not horrible though).

    Don't expect too much, but there are a lot worse out there, so I do recomend it for it's twist.

  • Marriage Story

    Marriage Story


    I really thought I was going to dislike this movie but ended up loving it... so raw and so real!
    The performances were out of this world, they both deserved the Oscar.

    One of the best I have watched this year... well done Netflix

  • Sleepy Hollow

    Sleepy Hollow


    Not a huge fan of Tim Burton but this one was not that bad.

    + Creepy ambience
    + Macabre scenes
    + Pumpkins

    - The plot could be better
    - The ending could be better

    I'll give this one a: watch it on Halloween