Tenet ★★★★

Grade: 7.9/10.

My first and also biggest question after watching Tenet is who at Warner read the script and proceeded to give this madman $200 million (plus marketing costs) to make his nearly incomprehensible clusterfuck of a film? I mean they probably know, but I guess we'll never find out.

With that early moment of "animosity" towards this film out of my system, you may be wondering why is he giving it 4 stars? Well, it's easy.

I really liked Tenet, in spite of its several flaws.

Upon first viewing I can say that I understood like 54% of the plot, so I'm still missing several elements. The film itself is completely devoid of emotion and I only cared about Robert Pattinson's character because of how gorgeous he looks here. The Protagonist is rather bland (but excellently performed by John David Washington) and unappealing, the villain is villanous, I guess?

But you know what? The action and the setpieces here are cool as fuck. Things happen all the time, time-inversion/manipulation (or inverted entropy) look awesome and stuff blows up backwards. There's a lot of shit going on, consequently, the narrative moves at an incredibly fast pace; going from one big fucking moment to the next.

In regards to what Christopher Nolan accomplished here (other than single-handedly bankrupting Warner Bros.) I can say that he directed the fuck out of it. He set out to make an incredibly adventurous/innovative film, one with lofty expectations and filled with risky creative choices. For the most part, he achieves that.

It is a complex (this aspect is entirely subjective and others may just find this film stupid as shit) blockbuster that's as visually spectacular as it is technically marvelous, one that will probably make more sense upon repeated viewings. If not well, at least I had a great time looking at its larger-than-life action sequences, inverted fistfights and abnormally expensive-looking production design.

One thing I do hope is that Nolan doesn't go into a deep slumber after this, because like his films or not; he's one of the few bright spots in Hollywood that's still willing to create original stories (Yeah yeah we all know that Inception is basically Paprika so save it) and to take creative risks with them. That's gotta count for something.

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