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  • An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge

    An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge


    Pretty Wild filmmaking for a short in the 60's, very momentful & intact l, i certainly saw *that* coming tho.

  • The Village

    The Village


    Le Village huh,it scared the shit out of the 7 year old me,lol.
    Beautiful picture,really innocent ,maybe way too innocent but that's the point right?i've never been able to forget it's imagery ,one of Deakins finest for sure
    Ironically more relevant than ever,so yes it very much succeeded the test of time,i'm so glad i got to revisit it.

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  • Talking Heads

    Talking Heads


    -Who are you?
    -"so far..am nobody"
    what do you want?
    -"to feel the sense of being,to feel human..I guess.. "

    Krzysztof Kieslowski didn't die he simply became movies.

  • Brotherhood



    Absolutely jaw-dropingly well made,this is the first time I watch a Tunisian film, short one to be precise,and it was nothing short but breathtaking,the plot is sensitive but also heartbreaking.
    The way the story unfolds is perfectly matched with the pacing,the shots are just wild! and what won me over is the acting ,like seriously was that even acting? Felt like borderline life to me.
    Meryem Joobeur has a talent and I hope she uses it wisely.
    (PS:don't read the synopsis if you want to watch this ,just go blind and you will see even clearly,can be found on Vimeo.)