Avengers: Infinity War ★★★★

"Bring me Thanos!!!!" -My motivating mantra all week  

I've done enough reviews for Infinity War, so here are my quick, informal, rapid-fire thoughts: 
-That greasy long haired mischief that is Loki should STAY DEAD 
-Personally, I prefer the Homecoming suit over the Iron Spider suit
-VFX on Thanos is so good! 
-I'm sorry, I think I like beardless Cap better
-Couldn't Quill just wait until they got the gauntlet off???? 
-When Thanos stabs Tony, I still feel it (I'll never forget the audible gasp from the theatre crowd during that moment) 
-"Why was she up there all this time?" Love Okoye!
-"She's not alone." Love it 
-I like to think that we are all Cap when he's blocking Thanos' punch and the mad titan himself is life 
-I still feel nothing in regards to Wanda and Vision, but that last moment makes up for it entirely 
-"Oh god.
-That last shot of Thanos only intensifies my desire to punch his wrinkly grape nut of a face 

I'm so ready for Endgame, but at the same time I'm not. I can't wait for what goes down. Whatever it takes.