Captain Marvel ★★★

"Higher, further, faster, baby.

I'm just glad Marvel has finally established Carol Danvers as a major hero and force to be reckoned with. Thanos better wipe that smile off his face and get off his front porch because Captain Marvel IS HERE! 

As for the movie, I thought it was fine. Certainly not Marvel's weakest but not one of their bests either in my view. Everything revolving around the Kree just wasn't that interesting to me. The Skrulls were neat and they capitalized off of their shape shifting abilities fairly well. Even though parts of this take place on other worlds and in space, I didn't find it visually interesting. Best parts for me were the buddy cop elements between Carol and Nick Fury and moments that shed light on her backstory. Samuel L. Jackson was the standout for me by far. He's so fun to watch in this and his chemistry with Brie Larson was great. 

Endgame here we come....

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