The French Dispatch

The French Dispatch ★★★½

Wes Anderson has always been one of my favourite filmmakers and once again, he produces a wholly creative film that's almost too visually pleasing. Truly a visionary. Every frame, second and detail can be appreciated and it's just a pleasure for the eyeballs to witness.

That all said, this did have plenty of weaknesses for me. The story as a whole just didn't captivate me on the level as some of my other favourites from him. I liked each story less and less as it reached the end. In addition, none of the characters made much of a lasting impact.

I do wish Anderson would go out of his comfort zone and use different actors in the future. I have nothing against his usual collaborators, but I think it'd be nice and fresh to mix things up. I mean, he's Wes Anderson, he'll have no problem attracting other big names.

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