Midsommar ★★★★★

| Watched the director's cut |

Everytime Florence Pugh smiles or is happy for a second, despite all the horror surrounding her, I feel like I get an year younger.

But yeah, this cut definitely made the rewatch quite interesting. Most stuff help the character development compartment, but I was quite surprised with one or two entire new scenes. There's even a completely new ritual sequence (which actually gives more background to one of the character's death) that was cut out of the threatical version, but I totally understand why Aster did it. I don't really know which version I prefer to be honest, but if someone who never watched this film asked me which cut should they watch, I'll most likely suggest the threatical one. Sure, the DC one has some nice stuff added to it, but I think it works more as a "rewatch experience", rather than a first contact with it. Also, considering how long the original already is (almost 2 hours and a half), 30 extra minutes is still a lot of film for a person that might not even love the movie in the first place.

To conclude, I really don't know what much to say other than what has been told about this movie for that past 2 years. It's a piece extraordinarily designed and built by Aster, where you can see the work and dedication in all aspects, from visuals to settings. It's truly a masterpiece, in my view, that I was able to appreciate even more in this second viewing, and that manages to bring out a lot of different emotions from the viewer.

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