2046 ★★★★★

Wong Kar-Wai has managed to wrench my heart once again with his sumptuously melancholic romanticism. Slow-paced and impressionistic, the film hops around in time from Hong Kong to Singapore to the distant future where everything is connected by rail and the androids are goddamn gorgeous. Filmed with his usual chromatic panache for reds and greens and yellows, Wong Kar-Wai has crafted a visual style that is marvelously seductive and wholly endemic. Tony Leung is superb as Mr. Chow, reprising his role from In the Mood for Love and expanding the psyche and complexity of an already interesting character. It'll take some time and additional viewings for me to fully formulate an opinion on this, but based on my first impressions alone, I think Wong Kar-Wai has outdone himself -- even his masterful work on In the Mood for Love. 2046 has left my heart aching and my mind wandering nostalgically to the past.

Also, where does Wong Kar-Wai find all of these beautiful women? It almost makes me want to move to Hong Kong.

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