Primer ★★★★

Oh God what.



What did I just-

I can't believe people are saying Bioshock Infinite had a confusing plot (it doesn't, by the way) when something like Primer exists in the same timeline.

And a double timeline.

And a double of that double timeline (would that be a triple or a quadruple?)

As for my actual thoughts on the film, I think it's remarkable that Shane Carruth was able to put this together on such a shoestring budget. Good lighting, creative use of composition, some really interesting editing choices, overall solid acting -- the film works damn well. Carruth also has a hell of a knack for constructing a plot as elaborate and engaging as it is bewildering. I'll definitely be thinking of this in the coming days, and I'm looking forward to seeing Upstream Color.

And with that, I think I need some sleep. This left me a little exhausted, to say the least.

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