Death Note

Death Note ★★★

So one of the things I'm trying to do for this new year is write everyday so I might just pop in here and ramble about something occasionally whether I've watched it recently or not. That's not really what I'm supposed to use this app for I guess but I don't care.
I tried to show this to my dad last summer and well that didn't really go through because he's an asshole and I gave up. So I thought I'd enjoy a third time around...but this show gets worse upon rewatch. I never thought it was the ultimate masterpiece of anime that everyone needs to watch because of that second half but I thought it's a solid starter. And I will be criticizing that second half but mostly the first.

Episodes 1-22 are pretty swag and pretty hard to nitpick they even make exposition interesting. Like if you can do that then I'll suck your series' dick all day but Misa really fucks it up. Now I do hate her 'character' since since the only thing she cares about is getting light's schlong and is just soooo annoying. She makes me thankful for being a homosexual. I thought that was impossible. Alright I should get to the 'objective' flaws even though art is subjective and anyone's opinion is just as good as mine.

Almost forgot to include this but spoilers ahead
So when Light is planning the memory loss thing he asks Rem if she would kill L for Misa and she says yes. They couldn't do it at that very moment because Light was the #1 suspect and would be convinced if L died. So going through the memory loss shit and being surveyed in jail would convince L that he isn't Kira and it does. But that's kind of the problem too. L just lets Misa and Light go with no issue when previously he would still look into something even if it was proven false. For example he put cameras all around Light's house and never saw him using the notebook but still persists with the idea that Light is Kira. Letting Light and Misa go is honestly just an uncharacteristic action on L's part. After that Misa forgets L's name but that's not even a problem because Rem already said she would kill L for Misa. So why not ask Rem to kill L when she already said she would. But of course that doesn't happen because that would make sense. But when L finally dies the show should have ended. That's literally the goal of the show kill L or convict Kira, there was nothing else to do. Then Obata made the second half.

You literally close all the plot points and think yeah I should drag this on when my writing is already falling apart. Obata just fucking asspulls L's successors into existence like okay there was no foreshadowing for this at all but sure this is just fine. And Near has no fucking character but everyone complains about that already. Besides not even needing to exist this half is full of plot devices rather than characters. And NOTHING HAPPENS until Mello forces the plot to move. He would have been such a good main antagonist because he's like L's counterpart and parallels Light himself. But no lets make him a plot device and make no character motherfucker the main antag. The last episode is still pretty good though. This shit is the Joker of anime.

As I was writing this I realized to get anywhere in life I have to become a shitty modern day journalist, god I'm thinking of the titles already:

"Top 10 reasons Thanos made my favorite color purple"
"Why Your Movie Sucks is problematic"

"Why you should watch these new marvel movies and star wars shows that totally won't be a lifeless mess to milk the properties for all they're worth!"

"What kind of tail would you have if you were in the movie Cats"

"Why Thanos is problematic"

"Why [insert name] is problematic"

"Why Zach Snyder is a genius"
I'd have to really desperate for that one. I'm dragging this on too long, kinda like this show.

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