Don't Breathe

Don't Breathe ★★★★½

Best thing: There are some very active scenes in Don't Breathe and the film gives us a great sense of where the characters are in the house. There's a great use of the setting and some great choreography.

Worst thing: In one scene it appears to be confirmed that all the windows are barred and yet our protagonist is somehow knocked outside. This is one of the very few points in the film where the action isn't fantastically clear. While I can presume that perhaps the wall was weaker at that spot, it's unfortunate that the action becomes unclear at that moment when everything was so carefully displayed everywhere else in the film.

Normally I don't like horror films that function by trying to make you jump, but what is different about Don't Breathe is that all the jump scare noises are real noises that the characters in the story would hear. There aren't any "this is a horror movie, throw your popcorn over yourself now"-type boom noises.

Don't Breathe does use the screetchy, whistley noises to build up tension and atmosphere but not obtrusively so and I was mostly too caught up in the action to notice.

The reversed home invasion premise is a lot of fun. Burglars dealing with a blind war veteran who is capable and ruthless with more concern with how to get out rather than how to stop anyone coming in.

Really gripping work from the director of the Evil Dead remake. It feels like he has more freedom here and the results are wonderful.

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