I, Tonya

I, Tonya ★★★★★

Best thing: In a film filled with strong performances, I think the mother, played by Allison Janney, stands out as a very believable monster: cynical, loveless and yet still highly invested in her daughter's future, though mainly for selfish reasons.

Worst thing: If there is anything within the movie that felt least fleshed out, it's the relationship between the central character and her husband. I feel perhaps there should have been more indication of how they came to be together, but then again we do get a kind of explanation of this. We are informed exolicitly that their accounts of the state of their real life relationship diverge dramatically.

I know people familiar with the true story have had concerns about the way the protagonist is presented here. Generally the view often seems to be that the skater Tonya Harding is given too sympathetic a portrayal.

Personally I know nothing of the real life story and I simply found this to be an utterly brilliant black comedy.

This is very funny, yet deeply sad. Highly cynical, yet emotionally wraught. Utterly ridiculous, yet oddly plausible. And the characters are contradictions too. Our protagonist is utterly selfish and yet somehow we do feel sorry for her. Essentially the characters are quite often too stupid or too broken for us to completely despise them. (Within the film at least.)

This is one of the cases where footage of the real-life people during the end credits actually feels worthwhile. Less for the footage of secondary characters, but more for the footage of the real life protagonist performing her signature skating move.

A fantastically well told story. Loved it.

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