Donnie Darko

Donnie Darko ★★★½

Film Club #4

Dragged my feet a bit/am getting to this late since I had rewatched it fairly recently.

This one has kinda grown off of me a bit with revisits (especially the Director's Cut which I only watched once and we don't talk about that one anyways). I've mostly settled into this being a good mood piece that has solid casting/performances and great music selections. A nice film to kinda just Exist to while it plays without any severe investment or thought. There's definitely room for thought and if one enjoys that I'm happy for them but that also seems to have led to the above mentioned Director's Cut and the sequel (I should probably give that a rewatch someday) to this so I'll pass lmao.

This is another film that I wish I saw earlier in my teens or something since it probably could've been a bit more formative/special to me than it actually is. It wasn't meant to be though.

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