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Saw II

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Halloween Watchathon 2019 - Film #199

I watched this hours ago and originally intended to hop directly into Saw III to round out the trilogy but that didn't pan out. I finished this film and felt a bit exhausted so I went and did some other shit for a few hours, in the process not logging or reviewing this. Oops.

I think, even as a Saw stan, I've been underrating this one a bit? I feel like there was twist upon twist upon twist going on here and it leaves you with an exhilarating watch experience if you're enjoying yourself and invested. It's all surprisingly ~smart and fresh feeling. Even some of the typical series trappings don't apply or at least not as much here. These first three or so films really benefit from not having the fucked up continuity to keep up with.

I'm not a fan of Jigsaw or his background as a character and the more the films get into his moralizing, the more the films lose me (which bad news, there's Plenty of that coming lmao) but this is one time where it doesn't bother me as much. Eric Matthews is a fucking asshole and there couldn't have been a more fitting player for a Game. At least there's queen Amanda and her increased presence to make up for the above.

I don't know, I'm Saw trash and was gonna like this anyways. If you aren't already a fan or have an image for these films in your mind none of these (short of maybe the original) are gonna change your mind. If you take them as they are maybe you'll find more for yourself. If not, that's understandable/fine.

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