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Halloween Watchathon 2018 - Film #3

Scream 2 is a weird one for me. There's some pretty sizable problems to be found in the film but the highs are the highest in the series for me and I love it.

Sure the new cast members in this aren't particularly interesting or well developed, the climax is messy (i think this was rewritten multiple times last minute so?), and the red herrings are obnoxious but for every one of those bad bits there's something like the car escape or the film building chase. If you were to ask me point blank to like pick a top 10 sequences in horror cinema one or both of those would probs be in it.

The main trio are great as always (Sidney and Gale look so great!!!) and their interactions continue to be one of the better parts of the franchise. Also gotta love stuff like the cinema and stage/play set pieces (Sidney randomly smashing shit on the panel to ream Mrs. Loomis? Slays.) For a film that one would expect to be pretty formulaic, things like what I mentioned above really go a long way in making it feel less so.

As with the first, I'm glad that this still holds up for me. 3 and to a further extent 4 are really lesser films for me but maybe this next viewing will be the time I have a change of heart. Fingers crossed.

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