Spider-Man 2

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This review may contain spoilers.

sometimes i forget how fun and overall joyful superhero films can be when they aren't like most of them are...

follows up on the first film about as well as it could've. solid pacing, lots of character, an emotional pay off after the build-up since the start of the series. whew, both the train section and the ending scenes had me emotional. that was a bit of a classic.

this toned down a bit on some of the Raimi-isms showing through but the Ock hospital sequence channeling Alien knocked me back a bit. i didn't remember it being so intense.

i know the third film is polarizing and the tonal shift is gonna be something but i'm kinda ready/up for the messiness and fun after this one. i guess we'll see how i feel about it when i watch it though. gotta move my ass before it leaves hulu and i lose access.

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