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  • Three… Extremes

    Three… Extremes


    A very interesting mix of weird and unsettling horror coming from 3 directors with unique styles. Fruit Chan's was the best, Park Chan Wook's was insane if a bit too overlong and Takeshi Mike's was well typical Takashi Miike. A worthy anthology movie.

  • Talking Head

    Talking Head

    One of the most bizarre films to be ever made, even by Mamoru Oshii's standards. Talking Head serves as physical space and a playground for Oshii to ask and throw out his most theoretical and abstract questions about Film and the History of Film in general. It's such a weird and wild mashup of different genres too, it's all a metafilm, a murder mystery and even a comedy! (although i'd argue it's also one of the earliest examples of a…

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  • Rehearsals for Retirement

    Rehearsals for Retirement


    Video game to film adaptations will never work. No matter the idea, technology or the vision available it will never work in any way possible. That might sound extreme but just look at the history of those adaptations and you'll get the idea, and even at the same time it's a disrespect to both of these two different mediums. Film is an audio/visual journey with it's own available techniques and styles, whereas video games combine every medium imaginable and offers…

  • Ville Marie

    Ville Marie


    For the next 12 minutes you'll witness a universe filling up an empty void, it is being built and crafted in the most beautiful, majestic way possible. However after a certain period it will all come crashing down yet among all this chaos and destruction, the imagery will be forever etched into your skull.