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  • Wild Child

    Wild Child

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  • Little Buddha

    Little Buddha

    my professor made me do it, sorry. 
    little buddha is unlike anything i’ve ever seen. in a bad way. the movie is completely unable to draw the audience in. first and foremost, the new elements that are added to the plot - i’m talking about lama norbu looking for his teacher (lama dorje) & the three kids jumping in the picture - don’t work. i literally couldn’t care less. i’m not exaggerating. i think this was one of the most boring movies…

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  • A Cinderella Story: Christmas Wish

    A Cinderella Story: Christmas Wish

    too much auto-tune. my ears are bleeding. make it stop please.

  • Arrival


    watched this yesterday, writing this now because i can’t stop thinking about it. what an experience! this was the first villeneuve i loved!! completely adored it. i was drawn in from the start, my eyes didn’t leave the screen until the words arrival appeared and i knew it was over.. it felt like a journey through space, only lasting a few seconds. felt like a dream, surreal yet familiar. i explored galaxies, discovered death, and then woke up after two…