Call Me by Your Name

Call Me by Your Name ★★★½

Luca Guadagnino is no stranger to cinematic beauty being projected in his films, often conveying and exploring its narrative with lyrical beauty, which at times are subtle, deep and complex. Pairing this is also cinematography that is drenching in grand vistas, rich architecture, and glistening luxury, whether this may be in wealth or culture, managing to keep his films visually interesting and engaging.

Call Me By Your Name is undoubtedly a Guadagnino project, where his signature attributes (methodical pacing, indulgent cinematography, minimalist acting) are littered from scene to scene, turning this script by James Ivory into something poetic. I admire the beauty that Guadagnino brings to the material, but much like all of his other films, it is in the lack of dramatic energy that makes his films feel less satisfying, notably during middle sections, where spots of introspection and exploration feels minimalist at best, hence was left considerably hungry in some cases.

Yet such a criticism didn’t stop me from admiring the performances and soak in the beautiful Italian summer landscape, and surely more appreciation would probably be earned through subsequent viewings that would allow for greater examination and further clarity of particular details that were previously dismissed or obscured.

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