Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange ★★★

Review In A Nutshell:

The first true solo entry into this third phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Doctor Strange, guided by Scott Derrickson, navigates the audience once again to the origins of it’s titular character who is stemmed from arrogance and ego; eventually learning humility and earning true self-actualisation through his tragic downfall and the mentoring from one who is called The Ancient One. Though a literal antagonist exists in the narrative, it is through the realisation of his own crutches and remedying his stubbornness towards the rigidly explainable that truly fights against our hero. Simultaneously it isn’t afraid to point it’s fingers back onto the practices and ideals of this mystic art, judging it of it’s contradictions that feel thoughtful and nuanced in it’s linkage towards character development. This is a film about breakthroughs and realised potentials, of which the film has the elements in place but only suffers from it’s execution. Ironically a film that is about reaching beyond what is traditionally expected and understood, Doctor Strange hits all too familiar and restrained footsteps that withholds it from being the greatest that a tale for it’s character could be. True risk, danger, and urgency has yet to be truly felt against this character, knowing that such an opening act for this character’s arc would primarily be an upward one. It is a film that has to tick the boxes before it finally loosens it’s chains, but thankfully it never felt as restrictive and calculated as the films that came before it. Flaws are prominent for sure, but mastery and excellence are foreseeable on the horizon.

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