Hereditary ★★★★

Review In A Nutshell:

A second trip into Hereditary doesn’t just further validate the film’s effortless capability of establishing a somber and suffocating mood and tone, it also enlightened me of the particular details that are littered throughout the narrative and it’s aesthetic design. Much like looking into the meticulous structure and specifics of Annie’s sculptures, the finer details emerge and provide the film with a sense of life and weight that had been previously overlooked. The film reveals the traumatic stressors of a family’s past and how they manage to re-manifest themselves in a manner that inflicts strain and destruction, and how such was utilised upon conscious manipulation to a force that is much grander than anybody could have ever anticipated. Hereditary’s success doesn’t lie in it’s intention to scare it’s audience, but rather in it’s ability to reflect the haunting scars that are pulling this family apart, a drama that manifests itself in a terrorising manner that we ourselves could empathise.

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