Thor: Ragnarok

Thor: Ragnarok ★★★★

“I’m starting a revolution.” – Korg 

Well well well, looks like Marvel let a not so conventional director execute their full vision and what do you know, people loved it! Sorry, I’m still mad they didn’t let the genius that is Edgar Wright make his Ant-Man movie. But let’s talk about the awesome Taika Waititi! It’s his film entirely. His directing is great, he steals scenes as Korg (not a surprise to his fans but average movie goes will probably ask who played the hilarious rock man), and he makes something very different from what we’ve seen in the MCU. Does that make it a flawless film, though? No.

I only have a couple of gripes with the movie. One is the ridiculously fast paced first twenty minutes or so. We’re blasted with scene after scene without breathing room. A perfect example of this is the mentioning of a character only to have them appear moments later. Let the tension build, guys! Anticipation leads to a more dramatic entrance. Then there’s the dialogue that at time is really on the nose with its themes or is expositional. There’s a joke about this kinda of stuff in the movie but making fun of yourself doesn’t mean you didnt commit the error. 

Other than that, Thor: Ragnarok is a fucking blast. It’s what you should expect out of a Taika Waititi film. Hilarious characters, great directing (he’ll surprise you with the action sequences! Particularly Hela’s!), and he gets the most of out his cast and the characters they play. Before Thor was funny because he didn’t understand Earth life but now he’s just flat out funny. Granted, a lot of this comes from Thor developing through past movies but I wouldn’t have had any other director handling the full on transition to comedy for the character. Not to say there aren’t dramatic and emotional moments, though.

But as much as I enjoyed this film, I’m not sure about that Black Widow comedy, Taika...

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