Together Together

Together Together ★★★★½

I've literally been sat here for an hour trying to spit the right words out & it's proving to be extremely difficult, but I'll give it my best shot. Together Together is just absolutely delightful from the first frame to the last. It's a slice-of-life film about an unlikely friendship that is ultimately destined for failure. It's full of laughter, awkwardness, uncertainty & most importantly, love. There are many tender scenes that really got to me and it's all thanks to the two leads and their ability to create such rare, naturalistic moments on-screen. Alex Somers' score worked wonders too, it wasn't too overpowering where it felt emotionally manipulative, it was perfectly balanced and really lifted some scenes to the next level.

I briefly read some reviews after I finished the film & it seems some people weren't fussed about the ending, which I get as it does cut a bit abruptly - but that's what made it all the more gutwrenching for me. Matt walks off-screen overwhelmed with joy ready to welcome his newborn child into the world, yet, the camera stays focused on Anna, overcome with emotion having just given birth. She lets out a tear at the realisation that this part of her life has come to an end & it's quite likely that her friendship with Matt will too, but they were there for & loved one another when they needed it most and there's something really beautiful about that.

I really can't recommend this enough, it will definitely be one of my favourites of the year!

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