Parasite ★★★★½

Here I am, the last human being to have seen Parasite in a theater. I may just as well have been orbiting Earth on a space station. What can I say that hasn't already been said?

I'm happy to not have been disappointed. As a fan of Bong's, I measure this film against his others rather than those also nominated for Best Picture or released in 2019 (though it ties for my highest rated film of the year, with For Sama and Booksmart). It doesn't (yet) top Mother or Barking Dogs Never Bite for me, but I can see it will be rewatchable.

Puzzled by those puzzled by what they see as the film's inability to stick with a genre. I was expecting more of a radically violent turn at the end, and, sure, it's violent, but of a piece with a fable about class struggle and with other Korean films, by Bong and others. where humor easily exists alongside drama, violence, and depth of story.

I remember a friend who'd grown up in a single parent, low income family that made use of government assistance saying that smell, above anything else, signalled poorness and was a cause for being treated as an outcast, unwelcome, avoided by other children. I'd never seen a movie take that up in as interesting and powerful a way as Parasite does.

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